Ignorance is bliss…

Unless it’s your rental contract.

Too many contracts are filled with incorrect, unfair or downright illegal terms. Even worse, we still sign and agree to them because we don’t have the knowledge, confidence, or support to fight back.

Let TenantHero save you!

How TenantHero helps you

Students in Amsterdam, we know you didn’t read your rental contract. With TenantHero’s help, you won’t have to.
TenantHero helps you solve your legal rental troubles when…

You’re worried your landlord will kick you out for making a fuss

You’ve already signed a contract

You’re scared you won’t be able to afford to fight your landlord

For a limited time only – free contract checks!
How does it work?


1. Upload your contract, before or after you’ve signed.
2. Our heroes highlight the key points, red flags, and guide your next steps.
3. Receive your contract summary in your inbox!


Don’t stress about reading your contract – answer a few simple questions, and TenantHero will take care
of it for you!