Improve your contract.

Keep your address.


Sharing a flat but paying for a penthouse?

Getting a tikkie for agency fees, keys, or contract translation?

Trouble getting your deposit back?  

Who can TenantHero help?

Tenants, we know you didn’t read your rental contract. And even if you did, who understands them anyway?
Whatever your situation, TenantHero can guide you on the way to fixing your contract problems without having to change your address.

You don’t know your rental rights and you think your landlord doesn’t either

You want to make your signed rental contract fairer, but you don’t want to move

You’re worried you can’t afford to defend your rights

Your info pack explained

After you upload your contract, TenantHero will summarise and clarify your rental contract, highlighting:

  • The most important information in your contract, to save you reading time
  • Your contract Red Flags, identifying all unfair and illegal terms that need to be changed
  • How to properly address the Red Flags
  • Where to find free and low cost legal advice based on your location and needs


Super clear and helpful

10 June 2024

I was already living in the apartment for over a year when I contacted the TenantHero team and I learned so much about my contract! They pointed out a lot of useful things that I was stressing about before, such as extending the contract or the reparation of big damages in the apartment. Further, TenantHero opened my eyes to the fact that the penalties in my contract are unreasonably high, which I should talk to my landlord about, and hopefully come to a fairer agreement. I wish I had this service before signing, so I could have known all these helpful advice in advance!


Extremely helpful

12 May 2024

I found it very organised and clear. I liked the sections as they reflected exactly what I wanted to know. I loved how detailed the recommendations were and that they included links to next steps. I just wish I would’ve used this tool earlier to know to take pictures of my apartment in its early stages as I’ve been in my apartment for a year already.