Behind the Hero

Hi there!

We’re excited to introduce TenantHero to you – our impact startup created to be the hero of anyone who struggles to understand a contract. We’re all too familiar with the struggles of finding a place to live in the Netherlands. Once the hard part is over, you have to deal with long and messy rental contracts (often only provided in Dutch), which are complicated to understand. When we were law students, we had friends asking us questions even we didn’t know the answer to!

So – we founded TenantHero!

No one likes to read their contract, which is why too many rental contracts were filled with illegal, unfair, or incorrect clauses. We want to make sure you never have to read your rental contract again, but you still get all the important information.


With the use of a carefully crafted legal framework, combined with the power of tailored artificial intelligence, we are able to extract the key points and the red flags from your contract. Our tailor-made solution also provides next steps that are accessible for free, to make sure that even if you’re in a sticky situation, you have a hero to guide you! You shouldn’t need a law degree to protect yourself: we aim to level the playing field so that anyone can make an informed decision for themselves.

Don’t believe us? Try TenantHero for yourself!

Happy renting, Lara, Natali & Eric – Founders of TenantHero